Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sunny and Cool Tuesday

Howdy to all on this cool Tuesday. The sun is out and the breeze is moving the all the wind chimes in the neighbor hood.

Since I don't have a lot to write about today I thought I would just post some pictures from the day. Above is our dog. She is now 16 years old and is as bouncy as ever. She is a very pleasant animal and loves all.

Here is a picture of the rocking horse R.E. made for me last Friday. It is his first attempt at using his wood-burning tool. I will admit, I like it very very much.

This afternoon I put up our new therometer. I was disappointed to find that it does not show me the outside huminity. I just assumed that it would. It does show the inside huminity. Took a little more setting up then the old one did (which was a gift a few years ago).

Mr. V and I made this fountain a couple of years ago. We bought the urn and a small pump. He drilled a hole in the back for power cord to the pump. We put a heavy screen under the lip of the urn and then put some nice rock on top. Filled with water and plugged in. It has been a very enjoyable little fountain just outside the back door.

Today all kids were home for lunch so made them some ramen with orange slices on the side.

The ramen was shrimp with egg, carrot, and a little green onion. They always like ramen and I like making different ones as often as I can.

I thought I would start ending each post with a web-site of the day. Today was one I did with R.A. while she was looking for simple patterns for her Pullip doll. It is called the Puchi Collective (just click on the underlined words to get to the site). It is for Blythe dolls which are pretty close in size to the Pullip ones. It is a wonderfully done site, with great pictures (also very easy to move around). Enjoy.........

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Jhoanna said...

The wooden horse is amazing! And that ramen looks sooo delicious . . . any particular ramen recipe you'd like to share? :-)