Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Killing Time...

Sitting here waiting for a phone call from my mother. Don't want to run errands until after she calls. Thought she would have called by now, so, I will just keep waiting....
While I am waiting thought I would post some pictures of the rose bush. Told Mr. V I noticed that his bush has some black spot starting on it. Will see if I can find something for that today.

I will admit it is very pretty even though it is on the side of the house where not many see it.

I like the pretty shape of these roses.

The odd thing is that it looks like the bees may have cross pollinated this bush with some other bush somewhere, because, there are red and pink rose this time....

I do think they look pretty floating in a bowl of water on the kitchen table.

Yesterday afternoon I found these drying on my kitchen table. Rebecca had been making up some items that might make nice key chains. If I had a better camera I am sure they would show up better. She made two cakes, a squirrel, mushroom and acorn.

Guess I will close with some pictures of now 17 year old doggy.

Yes, Kandy is now 17 years old and still doesn't like having her picture taken.

I was able to make her tail look pretty for again. As she has gotten older it has gotten bent a little. I figured out how to put a tuff at the tip to make it look straight again. I was very pleased with myself on figuring that one out.

Well, guess that is all I have to say for now. And still no phone call, suppose I will go clean something. I want to get some brown fabric for Ricky's cushion since I decided that it needs a few more colors on it. Maybe I will have some pictures of it post tomorrow if I get the fabric today.....Hope you enjoy a great day....

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