Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Monday To Everyone....

It is the start of yet another week. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Sunday was Father's Day around here. Mr. V enjoyed his day very much and we all ate way too much. Tomorrow we will have to get back on diets and being good.

For Father's Day I had ordered Mr. V a DVD box set of an old TV show he liked (we also got him a guitar repair manual that he was very excited about). And since I ordered this Amazon decided I should get a book for me. Which met they had one of those buy this book and this other book to get this great discount. So I ended up with two very nice books. The first one is Romantic Home Sewing. It is a very nice book with some really simple things to make.

I have always wanted to make one of these bucket bags and now have no reason not to give it a try. There are about 4 other types of bags to make in the book.

The book also has one of those things I look for most in a book, plenty of pleasant pictures to look at. And the instructions seem pretty easy for making the items shown

There are also items to wear with full instructions in the back of the book.

And there was even a bunny included to make.

The second book is called The French-Inspired Home. Once again a very pretty book to look at. The size is a little hard to scan, so only a few so-so pictures to look at.
This is the book I had not planned on getting. And I have to say I am very happy that I got it. In the picture above there are many items and the book has the how-to's for everything you see in the picture. I mean even the covered books and name plates for the inside. There is even a section in the back of old tags and other pictures for you to use with your copier.
The writing is very enjoyable to read. All in all I was very happy with this book.
I am hoping for a nice quiet week. Rebecca is working at Vacation Bible School all week. This year it is a Space/Detective theme. The woman in charge, Linda, has done a fantastic job again decorating for all the little kids. She always has such great things for them to look at and do. And Rebecca said the music and skits were just great. This year Rebecca is helping to run the crafts for the younger children. It looks like just taking her to and from in my main driving for the week. Mr. V is feeling some what better and was able to drive himself today. I am really hoping to get back to making something a little more interesting this week. But, only time will tell if that happens. I have been kind of wanting to make doll clothes and maybe this week or next I will get to. I know of a couple of really little girls who love their baby dolls, so I am sure I will have a test market to try them out on. Of course there is those curtains that are still waiting to be made that should be started.....

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