Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Short Post...

Today is a short post day. Poor Mr. V had to get a ride home early because he was having an attack. At least he was able to make it back to his work truck in time to take some meds. He is home and doing much better. I gave Mr. F a ride back to the parking lot that he left his truck in so he could give Mr. V a ride back here. Thank you Mr. F for all your help.

So my plans of getting the quilting done on the cushion and getting the corner cleaned up for planting sunflowers has been put on hold. But, I had promised myself no matter what that I would make a post everyday this week (or at least 5 posts).

The afternoon has been filled with the Thunderbirds flying around. Ricky has been enjoying watching them. They use a lot more smoke trails than the Blue Angels do. Which is nice, because you are able to follow where they are better.

Guess this will be all for now. If you would like to see some cute and nice crafty stuff take a look at: Biscuits House very cute doll; Lindsey's bookmarks; Bramblestitches great way to make an insulated lunch bag; and last these very cute bears as seen on Cuteable.

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