Monday, July 02, 2007

A New Month And A New Week......

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. So far this week is going well. Just checked
with Mr. V and he is doing fine. He will be driving himself home. Ricky and I went out birthday shopping for his oldest sister Renee. Our baby girl is 21 years old tomorrow (and still looks like she should be in high school). She hasn't made any suggestions as to where she would like to go for dinner or lunch. Might just get take out she likes and eat at home. I will admit she is very much a home-body and enjoys that much more than going out.

The afternoon was taken up with raking up the many dead leaves on the side of the house. I knew there were a lot of them, but, was very surprised at the large pile I ended up with. It now looks very clean over there and I will have to keep up with it.

Since the afternoon was nothing but cleaning outside I thought this would be a great chance to post pictures for possible next blanket to crochet.

I wish there was a better picture of the log cabin blanket on the bed, but, this is the best I can do.

I don't really care for the colors in this one. I do, however, like the simple use of the colors and squares.
I am really thinking of this one (even though the purple and green one would be easier). I am not sure what colors I would use. But, I really like the different size square centers used. Makes for an interesting look.
We are now getting ready for the hot weather to start this week. It is suppose to get to the 100's. Naturally the pump to our little 16 foot pool went out. Which means no one can use the pool now until I can get a replacement. I ordered one this morning on-line. I just checked it and they have not done anything else. I sure hope they ship it by tomorrow.
Tonight I will be making another dishcloth. I am getting closer to getting them done. I looked through them this morning to figure out what colors were missing still. Picked up two solid colors while Ricky and I were out shopping this morning. Next I will have to figure out what to do with all those little balls of cotton yarn leftover.......

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