Friday, October 05, 2007

Today Is Friday....

Well, this is another one of those weeks where the time has gotten away from me. I am really going to have to figure this out better. Of course there has been a few events that have happen that have taken up time I had plans for. I will share that next week, because I want to get out of this once a week post slump I am in.

At least I do have some pictures to post today. Nothing all that interesting, but, I have pictures! The one above is for the next bib (that I thought I would have done by now). Then I will just have to finish up the boarder on the blanket and off the box can go.

The other day I thought I would try taking some pictures of our angry humming bird. He stayed for a good while, so that was actually nice of him.

The reason I call him the angry humming bird is because he will not let any other bird drink out of the feeder. He fights all of them. I have tried putting another feeder up in the front and he thinks they are both his.
Now he will share with his mate, most of the time. He will sit in the trees in the back and just sing away. Oh, humming birds do not have a pretty song, kind of a squeaking noise.

There, this is a short post, but it at least a post. I need to run Rebecca out to do her child care thing for the morning. Until the next post hope you are having a great day....

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