Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday the First Day of September

Today is the start of September.  Where has the year gone.  Above are two things for September.  My goal is to at least sew one to two clothing items each month.  This month I want make the top on this Simplicity pattern 2059.  I just have not decided what color to make it.  My goal with sewing right now is to only purchase fabric as I do a project.  I am hoping this will keep my fabric buying in check.  I love Belle Armoire magazine (just wish they were so expensive).  I would love to become more creative in my sewing and less utilitarian.

Speaking of  utilitarian, I am working on making new dishcloths.  I usually crochet them, but, I am making a knitted one out of some Christmas cotton yarn.  I also have some crochet ones start for a very nice person as a gift.

The rest of my evening will be working on schoolwork.  Yep, one of the reasons I have let this sad little blog slip is because it was time for me to start up school.  I am currently working on my B.S. in business management.  I really am hoping to be done by the end of next year.  I have missed working on creative things, so, I am looking forward to getting back to doing that more often. I think not being creative has made a large gap in my daily life.   

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