Thursday, January 16, 2014

Everyone seems to be sewing up a storm.  I am so hoping to be able to sew something this weekend.  I am currently taking classes to earn my B.S. in Business and have signed up for a Algebra Boot Camp.  I have been learning a lot and enjoying it very much.  There is just so much homework right now. It will be so much fun to get back into sewing.

My goal starting today is to post at least something in my blog every other day.  I really want to get to posting at least 4 times a week and having photos to add each time.  For some reason my computer does not like my camera any more to upload photos from.  I have my husband put them on a jump drive from his computer so I can still use them.  It is a  mystery to us why this is going on.  We have reinstalled stuff and numerous other things.  I just face the fact that my computer is very old and simple.  But, will keep using it until it will work no more.  It has been a faithful friend and is still getting me through my schooling.

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