Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last Day of October....

Happy last day of October. Above is a picture of a towel my sister in law made on her new Brother embroidery machine. She is going to be starting up a business to machine embroider whatever you need (i.e. jackets, lab coats, towels, etc.).

Last night I made the Michigan dishcloth for my mom for Christmas. I think you can see it much better than the last one I made. Will be sticking to solids only when using these designs. I am going to try to get a sailboat one done tonight. Then she will be all set, 5 new dishcloths. Yes, we have something else for her too.

Next is the baby blanket I crochet for a new baby boy. I try to have one nice baby gift made and then get a storybook to go with it. And since Tomie dePaola is one of our favorite illustrators, that is usually what we use. Thank goodness he has a lot of books out there.

Yesterday I said I had gotten some nice fabric from Quilters Corner. Here are some so so pictures of it. Above you can see the overall design of it. Below is a close up of some of the figures on it. I really liked the colors in it and hopefully will come up with something cute to use it for.

Today Mr. V had the day off. Got to sleep in until 8:30 am. Was oh so very nice not having to get up and get people moving. No one else had to be anywhere today, so we all just goofed off for most of the day. I ran out to pay some bills this morning and Mr. V did some work from home before the two of us took off for lunch. We (just the two of us) had a very nice lunch at his favorite Jimboy's Tacos. He chatted with the owner before hitting the stores he needed to go to. Of course there was a stop for new guitar strings (which meant looking at the new guitars that had come in). Then a stop for some new vitamins (aren't we the exciting couple) . Next came a look at Sam's Club to see if any new movies of interest had come in. He did find a DVD set that had all the movies he had been looking for with Jimmy Steward in them. Last was a stop to look threw Big Lots. Just picked up some DVD slim cases he needed. Then home we came. He is watching a movie while playing a guitar. All in all it has been a good day for Mr. V (I don't think he had to take any meds, which means it has been an excellent day).

Hope everyone has a safe day. Here's a nice crafty web-site to check out at Kids Domain.


Jhoanna said...

Cute dishcloth and such a gorgeous baby blanket - looks very soft and inviting. And that fabric is a great find! Sounds like you and Mr V. had a wonderfully relaxing day, hope you have a great week ahead too.

ingrid said...

This fabric is just delicious! I can't wait to see what you make with it.