Thursday, November 02, 2006

It Is a Rainy, Rainy, Thursday.....

Had, plans to make a more interesting post after not being able to do much yesterday. But, I was wrong about doing that today. Was very dark and rainy out most of the day. Rained very hard this afternoon. Then the power went out until dark. At least it came back on after it got dark out. Still have the camping lamps sitting around the house in case it decides to go out again. Have some pictures I had not posted before, so I will use those today.

I was also going to give good old Kandy a haircut this afternoon. Here she is before her bath yesterday. But, she too lucked out, no power, no power clippers. Will see about giving her a trim tomorrow.
Spent a few hours with Mr. V at work. Had to figure out the medical/dental/vision/life insurance coverage for this coming year. Brought us both lunch and thought it would only take about an hour. I was wrong again. He ended up having to take care of work stuff on and off; which made that take twice as long.

At least I did get to go to the craft store first. That is because it is next to where I needed to pick up the two new flash drives that Mr. V need (they were on sale this week). And the other up side was that I got to go Barnes and Noble. Picked up a couple of new magazines for tonight. Also, got to chat with my favorite Barnes and Noble employee at this store. He is a great old movie buff and keeps Mr.V and I updated on what new box sets are coming out. He is really nice and fun to visit with. I had gotten this issue of Marie Claire a couple of weeks ago at a different Barnes and Noble. Has some very nice things in it. There are a few items I hope to try in the coming months.

So since I don't have very interesting of pictures of mine to post, I will post one of R.A.'s. This picture was a request from someone. I do like the whole look of this character.

That was all that went on around here today. My big plans are to read through the new magazines (maybe get inspired) while watching TV with the gang. Might even finish up some knitting too. Above is another picture of the pumpkin patch/corn maze we went to last month (posted 10/11/2006). Am hoping to actually post the stuff I wanted to tomorrow. Until then, bye.

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