Friday, November 03, 2006

No Sun Friday...

Today was a very dark day. And as always the time went by way too fast today. Seemed to be only time to do the everyday stuff. Gave R.L. a ride home today from class and she is coming down with a cold. Poor girl, had a long week and now she has a really bad cold. She has class tomorrow morning and then work. There is no rest when you are a 20 year old.

Above is a really bad picture of the Dr. Who scraf for R.E. I haven't been working on it as much as I had hoped to. Mr. V. has had a few bad days so spend times with him until he is doing better.

This the sailboat dishcloth to go with the others for my mom. I will try to finish it up tonight or sometime tomorrow.

The little bird above is a test bird. Was going to make some to put on Christmas gifts. I am still not sure about what to do with the eye.

At least I did give Kandy a haircut this afternoon. Poor girl is getting so old that her skin is very stretchy. It makes it much harder now to give her a nice haircut. This one came fairly well for her. Will trim her nails tomorrow. She is a very soft dog, so when you give her a haircut she is extra soft.

Since it is the weekend here is a nice cooking web-site to visit, Nestle Baking Recipes. I made the pumpkin cookies and everyone like them (skipped the icing part, since there was enough sugar in them already).

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