Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday is Here Again......

Well, it is the start of yet another week. Nothing to eventful went on this weekend. Mr. V and I went to our friends open house for the new ministries that start up this week. Was a very nice time and they have made the space into a really nice place. Also, have plenty of storage for all the kayaks and gear.

Oh, I did get new socks as you can see in the photo above. And they all came together in one set. I was very happy.

As far as sewing has gone lately, all I am doing is going through all my fabric. I am sergering the ends and then pre-washing all the stuff I have not done yet. I am hoping to use up some of the fabric that has been around for so long.

Above are some of what has already been washed, ironed and folded. The reason I serge first is to cut down on fraying mess. It takes alittle longer, but, everything is so nice and neat in the end.

This is the next pile of stuff to serge, wash, and so on. In this pile is the fabric for the vest R.A. has been waiting for. Will get that started this week.

Today I also cut out the new kitchen curtains. They are going to be good old ginham check.

Mr. V got R.E. started on playing the guitar this weekend. R. E. is very happy. He was practicing today on some more cords.

The other thing that I did get done today was to update the blog links to the right. Have added some very nice new ones. I still have a long way to go in the posting of photos. Someday I will get it to look the way I want.

The mornings are dark and much colder. As you can see there is a dog sleeping somewhere she is not suppose to be. Guess her cushion wasn't warm enough for her, needed to be up off the floor. Moved her back to her cushion in the hallway. Have to admit, she looks awfully comfortable there. But, sleeping on my cushions is a no no.

Hopefully tomorrow, the pre-washing fabric will be done, more knitting completed, and the start of a new book. Didn't finish the last one, because it was just not moving me at all. Sent it off today with some donation stuff.

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