Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sicky Wednesday....

Last night was rainy. With the rest of the day being breezy and sunny. Very pretty day out.

Well, there seems to be a cold traveling around this house. R.L. started it, R.A. came down with it on Monday and last night R.E. started. It is one of those where you feel pretty icky during it. And to top it off, poor Mr. V had an opitical mirgraine at work today. Once again such a luck guy. So, I have not been doing a whole lot these past few of days. Yesterday was orthodontist and errand day. Which means not a lot got done around here. Mr. V did had the day off and went with us for the morning run. He did end up going in for a couple of hours in the late afternoon, since he is the only one with keys to the new warehouse. This should stop by the end of the week since they are putting in the alarm system this week.

Today was spent
playing game after
game with R.E.
R.A.was feeling
awful so listen to
music during
the morning
and play
video games in the
(with dog sleeping
on the sofa with
her the whole time).
Also, R.E. built with game
pieces while waiting
for me to get done cleaning
a little around the house.

Today I did lay out how to fix R.A.'s jeans.

If I am lucky I will get them sewn for her tomorrow.

I think it will look nice and interesting.

For dinner tonight, since everyone seems to be on the ill side, I have made some chicken curry. Will put this over rice and all will be happy.

I am now off to get the dinner on the table. Mr. V is running late, so we will start without him. Hope everyone has a nice evening.

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