Monday, November 13, 2006

Birthday Boy Monday

First, I think I am back on plan to post Monday thru Friday. With everyone getting ill and having to go get a few things for the boy's birthday; I just didn't have anything all that exciting to write about. Unless you count cooking, cleaning, and taking care of sick folks. Besides I didn't think any of that would make good picture taking either. Well, R.L. seems to be over her nasty cold and is at work today. R.A. still sounds goofy but feels much better. R.E. (the birthday boy) seems to have gotten it the mildest. But, Mr. V is still home today and seems to have gotten the version that R.L. had. Of course he also gets vertigo with his, so he gets his extra bonus. On an up note, I am still immune to my family, I just don't seem to catch stuff from.

Next on the list of things. Today is our not so little guy birthday. He is now a teenager, yes, the baby is 13 on the 13th of the month. Since dad was home, let him have his presents already, except the one from R.L., gets that after she gets home. He was very pleased with all his gifts. We did get him this game table from Back To Basics Toys. But, will have to call, someone has dropped it on its way here. The side part is very cracked. I am hoping that they will just send us a replace part and not have to ship the whole thing back to them (it is a little on the large side). My mom got him the Erector Set from them.

R.A. got him a Star Wars Lego thing and we got him the fighter that went with it.

He always sets up the figure that comes with the Lego looking like it is helping him (some things never change, no matter how old they get).

He sure does finish these way faster now then when he will little.

The past few days I have not gotten a whole lot done in the making of things department. Got stuff started, but, nothing finished. My poor kitchen curtains sit there waiting for hems to be ironed in and then sewn. R.A. pants just need to finish up with the blanket stitching I decided to go. And I would like to finish up the boy's scarf for Christmas is possible. It looks like Christmas making things might have to be put on hold until I can get the house back in order and school back on track. I think next year I am going to make up a schedule like Alice over on Futuregirl Craft does just for her projects for orders. That way I will be sure have time and get the stuff done.

The weather is very very dark out today with light rain. Guess it is just as well since can't really go anywhere with Mr. V still down. We will just owe the boy a birthday dinner out.

While out on Friday, getting a couple of things for today's birthday, I did pick up a new bed for the dog.She is thrilled with it and likes the nice sides to lay up against. It was fun watching Mr. V get her all excited about her new bed. She was bouncing all over the place.

Well, I am off to do some more cleaning up of stuff and see how the boy is fairing with his new video game. That is the one down side of a small house, it gets dusty very fast. And since there is someone here all the time and the kids don't go off to school, that even makes more. If I am lucky, starting tomorrow I will be back to making some fun stuff (one can only hope). Time to go dust off the space heater for Mr. V. He is cold and the rest of us are just fine. He can turn it on and shut the bedroom door.

Until tomorrow, so long.

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