Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shopping Tuesday.....

Today was another day of doing some running around stuff. Mr. V wanted me to go look at this end table at Target for him. He has been in need of new bedside table for years now. Called him with the measurements and he was very happy that it would fit. So, the table came home with us. I also needed to pick up a baby gift while there and will post pics after I get the gift to its new owner (along with something for each brother and now big sister).

I did stop and look through the $1 part and found this old time Mickey Mouse coloring book along with pencils that have some comics of old Mickey on them.

I also found these stickers and thought about it, decided in the end to get them. They are pretty fun to read and look at.

While the two kids looked at games I looked at magazines (how nice of this Target Greatland to put them right next to each other). And being the sucker I am for magazines, I picked these two up. R.A. found 4 interesting tops she liked and since she could use some cold weather ones, we got those too.

The kids and I also stopped to pick up a few Christmas things while there. At Cost Plus World Market we ran in to get the Pepparkakor (Swedish Gingersnaps). One can if for us and the others are to be sent off. They are some of best gingersnaps, really really thin.

Since I had my trusty 40% off coupon with me, I picked up the crackers for Christmas. The impulse buy was the Christmas pasta.

We then hit Michaels because they had beading stuff on sale this week. R.A. makes some very nice things. Which I think I am going to have to get some pictures of sometimes. Her and R.E. picked out a Christmas ornament since they were 40% off today. Bet you can guess which one the boy pickout and which one she did. Naturally the boys response to when we went into the store was; "I don't remember you telling me we were going in here!" He just doesn't listen......

This is a very nice and dangerous shopping area for us. Because all we have to do is park and walk to all these places. Our last stop was good old Barnes and Noble. R.A. picked up 3 new Manga books (I think we have 100's of these things now after all the years of buying them). I found a Christmas present. And since I have that membership card that gives me discounts and they had sent me an extra 10% off my total purchase, I got some things R.A. and I have been looking (all right mostly me).

First there were two magazines I really enjoy.

This was followed by this book I have been thinking about. I am hoping after Thanksgiving I will be able to try something out of this book. If not, I will still have fun looking at all the pretty things.
The boy really enjoy looking at this one and I admit I had been wanting to get it. So, there was enough taken off the regular price today to justify getting it.

And here is the last book of the day. Isn't that snake great. There are sooooooooooo many cute things in this book. I really want to try the mice on the front. Well, at least if I don't get to sit down and complete the things I would like to; at least I will have plenty of nice things to read about doing sometime.

I will close with one last picture of yesterdays birthday. Tomorrow I will unbirthday the kitchen.

I am now off to finish up the dishes, watch the guy TV shows with my two guys, and look at my new books.


Jhoanna said...

Wow - what a shopping spree! What a great buy on the bedside table and all those wonderful magazines and goodies! And I've been eyeing that Plusharama book for some time - would love to know your thoughts on it.

Green Kitchen said...

I have that Japanese craft book. I made a couple apple pockets. They were fun in a small hand-made sort of way, but, then, I like to do little handwork.