Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is It Wednesday Already!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am very disappointed. My days of not ever catching anything from my family has come to end. I have not had a cold in about 14 years. I knew it couldn't last forever.

So, I really don't have an all that interesting post today. I did get a few pictures before the batteries gave out on the camera. Above you see something I learned not to do again. Planted this very nice little tomato plant under the kitchen window because there really hasn't been anything that has ever like growing there (all morning sun, everything fries). I now know that this plant thinks it is great there along with the two chili plants. Under that mass of green is the bench for the table. I keep waiting for it to die, but, it seems to have a mind of its own.

That last book I was reading I never did finish. It just kind of went on and on and on. I have always wanted to read the Miss Marple stories, so started with the first one Murder at the Vicarage. I am enjoying it so far, need to find sometime to finish it up.

The boy and I started this project awhile back and is an on going one. It is from the Mason Dixion Knitting book. You take those loop things you use to make potholders out of and connect them together to make a giant ball. Then you start knitting with these giant needles. When you are done you should have a rug. We still haven't enough bags added it to the ball, so will be awhile before the knitting starts. I am thinking I could start it and R.E. could just add onto the end of the ball when I get there.

The big girl and her boyfriend spent the afternoon working on his final project for a class. She is suppose to be pretty good with the software used and is helping him out. She has decided she will stop at her A.S. and find an entry level job. I am not sure how many more classes she has to take. He has decided today that he is going to go for his B.S. Is fun watching and listening to them work.

Above is a picture of the picture in our bedroom. We had bought it for the frame and mat since they were worth more than what it was on sale for. But, decided we really like the print that was there. It is very pleasant to look at. A very good day dreaming kind of picture (you know wish you were there type of picture).

I think I will close for now. Am going to finish up with the kitchen stuff from dinner, fold some towels, and that is it for today.

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