Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dark, Rainy, Thursday

It is a rainy day out today. And having the first cold in almost 14 years, this post will be short. I am hoping to do some crocheting or knitting here later. Or I will just sit and look at the pretty pictures in the new books.

Above is a picture of the monster tomato plant (that just doesn't want to die, even with a couple of frosts). It is still making tomatoes, so will let it be. Still would like to see the bench again.

The finiches are coming down from the mountains. The bird feeder is getting busier each day.
There are times when there will 40 to 60 little birds flying around.

The boy is at least making something today. It is a catapult (which works pretty good) made with the new Erector Set. He is thinking about doing a robot next. He did make up some little planes this morning, just didn't get a picture.

Well, I think I am going to go lay down. As you can see the dog is just thrilled about the weather today.

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