Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shopping Thursday....

I was feeling pretty good this morning, so told the kids we were going to get the shopping done. Since they are pretty good kids, we made a stop at Barnes and Noble first so they each could get a book. R.A. was hoping they had the next issue of a magazine she likes, but, wasn't there yet. But, of course I found some magazines and we picked up a Christmas present too. We also picked up some more Clementines (pictured above). These are the best, no seeds and peel like they are covered with heavy paper.

Our next stop was Micheal's to pick up stuff to finish the Christmas decorations started earlier this week. We also found a better tree cookie cutter than what we had and a couple more cutters. R.A. found some beads to use. And I got some yarn for the Dr. Who scraf (which I worked on last night).

Our next stop was next door to pick up some containers. We are going to organize the girls room over the next few days. Yes, the big girl is gone while we are doing this. But, we are not getting rid of anything, just organizing it. R.A. needs to live in a better organized room where as R.L. is more, shall we say, free sprited in her approach to putting stuff away. For fun and excitement we also picked up cleaning stuff, bathroom stuff, and stuffing for toys for my neighbor who is giving the boy a haircut tomorrow (part of her payment). My neighbor is a person that loves to crochet and she makes great toys. She is also a hair-dresser by profession, so this works out well for us; in home haircuts.

We also picked up some DVD's. The top one use to be the girls favorite show to watch. I will admit the other two are more for me. The one on the left has the A Cowboy Needs A Horse on it. I like the old Disney shorts.

Now let's talk magazines. Which I have said before is one of my weaknesses.

The one on the left is a very interesting magazine. There is a good article on how to bake better bread. Actually, one of the links I have is to Bramblestitiches and it her dad that puts this magazine together. I have gotten the knitting magazine before and enjoyed it very much.

This issue of Knitsimple had many things I liked. Above, as you can see, they had a lot of hat patterns.

I had actually been thinking about knitting some birds like this to hang in my kitchen. And when I saw this, I decied I guess I should go ahead and knit some. Just need to figure out what color.

I also liked this blanket. But, know that is something I would not be doing any time soon. All right the bear is pretty cute too.

And then to top it off, there is this part about felting. Much reading ahead for me to do.

The boy has ask me to make him a quilt. I made one years ago for R.L. and did the whole hand quilting thing. But, I saw this McCall's Quilting and it says 40 cool techniques, tools, and projects.

I really liked this one. Don't think it is the one for the boy. But, I still really like it.

Was not going to get the cross-stiching ones this time out, but, they all had such nice free gifts with them. They always do such a nice job at Christmas time.

And finally, there was this book Hooked Hats. It looked really well written and the patterns seem pretty easy. I am looking forward to trying some of the hats.

I see by the clock it is time to get the dinner going. I know I didn't get to make anything today. But, at least I will get to look at nice things made by others and plan to one day do my own.

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enjoyed reading your blog this morning. take care:)