Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sunny, But Really Cold Wednesday.....

Nothing says Christmas is coming next month then the appearance of the winter Pez.

Here are the Christmas package decorations that the boy and I made yesterday. He had a really good time. Will try to get to Michaels later this week to get us some glittery stuff to coat them with.

The snowmen we did put some beads on them for eyes and a nose. He thought that was a pretty neat thing to do.

We didn't really make anything much today. Had to help the big girl get ready to go to Disneyland this weekend. She ended up having to leave early so she can help the boyfriend get the car ready for the big trip. She is going with him and his family. Of course I don't think they will be spending all their time doing that. Reason I know this is because they are playing on-line with R.A. right now in that game they all like to play. R.A. said R.L. told her just now that it is way cold and they have snow. So, I think the car cleaning will wait until tomorrow.

We did put the other table cloth on the kitchen table today.

Found some pieces of satin ribbon to hang up a countdown/advent calendar. So, I think we are done for now with Christmas. Will get the rest of the stuff out next or week after. Mr. V likes his holidays, but, he is also a person that doesn't like a lot of fuss. We try to keep things low key for him. I have always left the tree up to the kids to decorate. As they get older it does look better than when they were little.

I did find these the other day and thought R.A. might like to make them for me. If not I don't think I will make them. They have some really tiny bells on them.

At lunch today, I realized that I do enjoy these times with kids. It is nice to just be able to sit there and chat about whatever comes up. Even when it is something as simple as a sandwich and some sparkling cranberry juice. I also realize, looking at this picture, I don't have any Christmas plates. I suppose I should look into that sometime. Would be much more fun at lunch time.

The boy decided to pull out the good old pogo stick this afternoon. I like looking outside and there he will be jumping away with his MP3 player going. If I remember right we got him the pogo stick because he had some kind of rash and he wasn't suppose to leave the house. Figured he needed something physical to do. Of course he seems much bigger now then when we got it.

Looks like it is time to get the dinner going. Mr. V had an appointment this afternoon with a new physical therapist, so am not sure when he will be here. And I think all of us are going to watch a TV show tonight so the boy is going to want to get his shower early.

I did come across a couple of other nice blogs that I will add to the links this week. So, check the links during the week.

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Jhoanna said...

Those package decorations turned out great! Thanks for the tip - must get some that stuff for my daughter!