Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frosty Morning Tuesday...

This morning all was white with frost. Mr. V had to scrape the ice off his truck, will have to get going earlier tomorrow since it will be the same for him. Waited until the garage warmed up to 45 degrees before doing laundry (yes, the washer and dryer are in the garage). Even the dog decided it was too cold for her old bones this morning. She decided she would just stay in bed until she could lay outside in the sun.

I was going to figure out how to use the scanner but got side tracked with making some Christmas decorations to put on gifts with the boy.

Will have to get a picture of all the completed ones tomorrow when it is light out again. What I used is the Crayola Model Magic modeling stuff. It is an air dried clay like material that does not stick and has no smell. Very clean to use. You can paint it, glue it, or whatever. It comes in colors also. We made some green trees, which I will have to take pictures of tomorrow. We are planning on painting some and glazing some maybe.

I did put out a couple more Christmas things. Above is the dishcloth my sister-in-law made a couple of years ago.

I then got out the good old Swedish candle holders. The front one was one of my grandmother's and it use to have a mate. But, my grandfather burnt one to many candles in it and we were unable to save that one.

Decided the candles were too tall so let them burn down until they were the right size.

Found some chicks in the cupboard so the boy had them going after the R.A. while she was on her computer. Speaking of her, she did post some pictures from the Japanese magazines she got yesterday on her blog. Naturally she has Photo Shop and good old mom does not, so will have to figure out how to scan stuff on the kitchen computer like she does.

It finally dawned on me where some of my time goes during the day. One sometimes forget how much time cooking for the gang takes. Being that we homeschool that means making lunch like above. But, I do admit I really don't mind doing it. Yes, I even pack up a lunch for Mr. V everyday. Then it seems like in no time it is time to start putting dinner together. I admit not everything is all that difficult I make. But, I do try to make it look fairly nice for everyone.

Well, time to go spend some alone time with Mr. V. He worked late tonight. Also, time to go hear more about how the doctor appointment went today. He seemed very happy on the phone afterwards. Said it was nice to be able to have a not rushed time with the doctor today and they were able to talk a lot.

Until tomorrow, stay warm if it's cold where you are. Or stay cool if you are having a heatwave.

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