Monday, November 27, 2006

Strange Weather Monday....

Howdy once again. Tried this earlier today and my computer decided to freeze up. Which means I lost the whole post for today. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. The long weekend has come to an end. And we are starting the week off with rain, winds, and hail. At least this morning was still nice while I had to do some driving around.

At the top of the post is a picture of part of the street that runs along the side of our little house. They (sweet gum maples) will get to being all red by next week. The main reason for posting this is that I wanted to show that yes we do have a change of season here in Sacramento. Granted my area is a little slow in turning since we are down so low and we do not get snow for that reason (just frost). But, just 45 minutes from us it does snow and the trees turn much sooner than ours. Many times folks think all of California is the same as the southern part along the coast.

This flu bug seems to keep coming back, so, not a lot of making fun things got done. I did do some knitting on the scarf for the boy. Still have a long way to go and I am making the short version.

Since I didn't get a lot done thought I would post a picture of the charms R.A. has made over the last couple of weeks. Told her we will have to take some nice pictures of the jewelery she has been making. She has started her own blog so we will have to get some up on that and I will post some too..

The only Christmas decorating around here is pictured above (which, may I say, is a very awful picture ). This little snowman was made by the boy a couple of years ago. You have to love foam marshmallows. He was put away in the cupboard because he was missed when putting stuff away last year.

Stopped at the grocery store on the way to pick up R.L. from class today. This would now be the second Christmas thing in the house, cookies. Don't ever remember seeing a Christmas version of these circus cookies (which are usually pink and white).

I did take R.A. out Saturday to the sale at A-1 Comics to buy some figures from Kingdom Hearts 2 she had wanted. Most places on-line are already sold out, but, she was able to find 3 of the 4 she was looking for at the first store. The very nice and helpful gal called the other store to see what they had left. They had some on hold for a person that never showed and said they would hold the one she needed until today for us. We dropped the big girl off this morning and drove up there to pick it up. She is a very happy girl now.

While at the comic store this morning R.A. found that they had two new magazines in from Japan. She has the last issue of this one already and was happy to find the next.

I had scanned them this afternoon and then found out I did the wrong kind of file. R.A. said tomorrow she will show the right way to do this. For today then, we will have some blurry pictures to look at.They are very interesting. Most of the clothing in them you can make with the pattern sheet or measurements they give you. You really don't need to know any Japanese, just remember to do it all in metric. And the pattern sheets are much like a Burda sewing magazine pattern sheet, lots of little lines to follow while tracing. There are also simply items to make that you do not need the pattern sheet for.

They are actually more of a dress up kind of outfits that one would do to make a statement of some kind. But, there are some actually useful things that one could use in a everyday since too. We thought the coat was pretty nice and didn't look all that hard to do. There was also some ribbon embroidery how- to in one of them.

Yesterday Mr. V got an early Christmas present. We ran out to get some more DVD cases for the videos he had been able to transfer to DVD. And since we were up that way stopped by Skip's Music. He had been looking for this guitar on-line and was finding it very hard to find. They had one left and he was able to try it out. He really liked it, then the very nice guy working there dropped the price after they chatted for awhile and he got free strings for a year (there is something that makes for a very happy guitar player). So the Ibanez Talman guitar came home with us. He really didn't want black, but, liked playing it so much that he didn't care about the color any more.

I think that pretty much covers the day around here. I am hoping to be able to get something done tomorrow, if this pesky flu would just go away and stay away.

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larein said...

I hope you feel better soon~

Thanks for taking me to A-1 Comics. I had lots of fun. I really like my lolita books too! They're so much fun to look at!