Thursday, December 14, 2006

So Much Left To Do Thursday...

Yippee, I can now scan stuff. Above is of my now favortie Christmas picture of the year. I bought this issue of Herb Companion today at the grocery store. I buy it a couple times a year. Have found the items in this magazine very helpful.

Well, lets try a couple more scans. (This scanning thing is fun.)

I thought it might be nice to post some Christmas books that aren't always the norm. If you have someone in your house that loves Legos, then you need this book. I always like how no matter what the age, if the person likes Legos they pick up this book the The Brick Testment The Story of Christmas.

This book takes out the Christmas stories from the Little House series. Sometimes I think it is the adults that enjoy this book more than the kids. It is calle A Little House Christmas.

Tomorrow I have one more appointment to go to and then it will be wrapping stuff up to ship. I should have had all this in the mail earlier this week. But, as always there seems to be too many extra appointments thrown in and I get behind. I also have cards to do and I still need to write up report cards. At least those can be e-mailed in.

On the good news side. I have most of the Christmas items needed for around here done. Our eldest has finally sat down and wrote out a few things she would like. The four of us did get Mr. V a gift today. He has been wanting this DVD series for years, and it was on sale today at Barnes and Noble. There really isn't much that he wants or needs these days, so when find something like this it is always nice.

Short post tonight. It is was my turn to get some meds and they are hitting me now. Feeling a little odd. So, think I will close for now and will hopefully have some nice things to post tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing if Lamplight Designs is reading this , I have tried to post a comment but Blogger won't let me. Why, who knows. What I wanted to say if you like Christmas in Connecticut, then you might like Bringing up Baby with Cary Grant. It was made before the Christmas movie and it is the same house. This movie is too very funny. Right now Mr. V and the boy are watching Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

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East of Oregon said...

You did good with the scanner! great post! happy Saturday and take care:)