Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunny, Cold, Monday....

Well, I have switched to Beta Blogger and so far all is going fairly well. Still a few signing in issues that I am not sure of. But, I am sure I will get use to them in time. I will admit I am very slow when it comes to change.

Today started out pretty cold for us, 30 degree's F. I see we have some plants that need to be cut down now. This frost really did them in. As you see in the above picture I think the tomato plant that refused to die has finally ended. I think we can safely say it will not be making any more tomatoes this year.

I do think that there are some very interesting looks to everything when the frost is on them in the morning. Enough about frost, onto Christmas stuff......

I just tried this fudge recipe and it was super easy. No big mess, I really like that part. Angry Chicken has made this also and has some great pictures on her blogger. I told R.A. that I will show her how to make it. It is all done in the microwave!

This weekend I tried a dishcloth from the Lily Pattern Book I got last week. It went pretty well and I was able to use up one of the left-over cotton yarn I had from a bib. I think I might try making these up for Christmas next year.

I said I would not buy anything new for Christmas this year. But, saw this little guy and really liked him. He hangs outside the kitchen door so we can see him every morning. He also folds flat when you are done with him (a big plus in my book for storing). Poor little guy was covered with frost this morning.

Speaking of Christmas, I realized that I had forgotten to get out the Christmas pillow cases that my sister-in-law had mad the kids a few years back. This pattern seems to be pretty close to what she used. I need to wash them tomorrow and then they can put them on.

I will end with the picture of the addition of Mr. and Mrs. Clause to the Christmas Pez gang. Mrs. Clause was very hard to find. Hope your week goes well and everyone is able to get all they want done.

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