Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Early Morning Post....

We had a 3 day weekend over here. Mr.V even had a day off. But, RL had class so no day off for her.

The other two went off to Winter Camp last Friday afternoon.

We spent the morning packing their things. I was very happy with the new black bags because we were able to pack sleeping bags and pillows in them.

Seems like the time for them to leave camp very fast. RL and I waited until the buses left for the 3 days.

All the boys loaded up the buses while waiting for late folks.

Being that this was a slow snow year for the mountains the snow pack was low. And it was really really cold. All nights in the single digits. They had lots of ice. Both were glad I had packed snow pants.

I picked them up yesterday afternoon and they we were both doing fine. They were still pretty cold, but, both had good times.

Not to be left out we too have been cold.

The little pools cover had blown off (going to have to do something different next year) and left the water exposed. We ended up with ice on the pool.

Have to admit the ice was a surprise.

Since there were no kids home, had to use something to show the ice. Kandy the dog was my model.

She really wasn't sure about the whole thing.

Well, told RL I would take her to class today. She is a little on the upset side of things this morning. She had all her work done for today and did something wrong on her computer. All has been lost somewhere. Naturally she deleted the e-mail that had all the info. on it she needed to redo the work. She did as much as she could remember. Told her I would drop her off early and see what else she could get done once there. Hope it all works out for her. She had been working really hard on the the thing. Let us all remember to save, save, save, our info.

Hope everyones day goes well.......

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