Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just Another Day....

Today was a day of errands. The boy had his orthodontist appointment. On orthodontist days I always try to do all the other errands so we are not running around so much. It was just the two of this time and is always nice to spend some time alone with him.

We made a stop at the book store to pick up a couple of things. More Manga books as always.

I bought the current issue of Scientific American, because, we do homeschooling and I am suppose to be keeping up with these things. I don't buy all the issues, just the ones that seem to have something that may interest RA or RE. RE is pretty interested in robots, so figure he might enjoy this. Now all I have to do is read it first.

Since this seems to be a bit of a random post, I thought I would post some patterns that I would like to make this year.

I am hoping to make a top or two from this pattern. I liked the bottom right view.

I don't when I will make this pattern, but, I really liked it. And if I remember it was one of those all Simplicity patterns a $1.99 sales. Matter of fact that is the sale all of these patterns came from.

What I really liked about both this pattern and the one above is the jacket.

These two patterns I just thought were cute. Will have to figure out what to make them out of and what to do with them after I make them. I had been thinking about making up doll cloths as I make up regular clothing. Figure I might not end up with as many scrap pieces then.

If you would like to see more information on these patterns go to Simplicity Patterns. Then hit the Pattern Search icon. Go to the second part and just type in the number and you can see all the info. There isn't any way to link right to the pattern any more on their site.

Hope everyone has a pleasant day. Tomorrow is another birthday around here and another doctor appointment.

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Anonymous said...

hi Debby it was so nice of you to comment on my blog, I have really enjoyed checking out yours too. I have not really been up to posting on my blog lately or sewing or drawing but am still trying to check out other blogs!! I hope to get back into it soon! keep in touch :o)