Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fun and Interesting Day...

I decided that RA, RE, and I should venture off to Ikea today. Had only been there once before and that was shortly after they opened last year. When I had gone that time it was raining hard, wind blowing, and all the streets started flooding. Today was sunny and nice, which means I got lost. Made a right turn when I should have made a left. We did finally get unlost and saw the flags waving away out in the middle of the field where the store is. On the bright side we also saw some very nice farms and very cute Pinto ponies.

We were on a mission to find out what they had in the line of closet organizers and the boy needed a new desk lamp. Took some pictures of all the set ups they had for Mr. V.

We are also in great need of a new sofa. The boy tried stuff out for me.

Liked the shape on this one, but, not sure of the color choices. Think I will keep looking and taking pictures for Mr. V until I find one we both like.

The three of us had an enjoyable day together and decided it would have been nice to have this store here when they were little. I am sure I would have had to stop at all the playhouses that are in that store.

So, we left with all our pictures taken. Had a nice lunch out together. The boy found a lamp he liked very much and it is already up in his room. Also took pictures of possible kitchen ideas (we live in an early 70's house and it is getting to the point of needing major stuff done, kitchen is last on the list, but never to early to start thinking about what to do). All in all a good day even with getting lost.

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East of Oregon said...

sounds like a great day!