Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Is Here Again....

Yesterday was a day of lab and x-ray appointments. Was so odd to go these all alone. No kids, no hubby, just me. Had time to kill in between so finished picking up my mom's birthday present stuff for next month. Stopped in the book store too.

I picked up this book, Toys to Sew by Claire Garland.

Maybe one of the selling points was this doll. She made me laugh, because she reminded me of our eldest child, now 20 years old. RL is 5 foot 8 inches tall and around 105 lbs; and she has a red color to her hair. Made her sister laugh out loud when I showed her this picture and told her what I thought. There are other dolls and a lot of outfits to make for them.

The pictures are very cute too.

The two main sections are Dolls & Doll Clothes. Then Animals & Nursery Toys.

The templates section is set up nicely. Even put what % to enlarge each pattern piece to.

My kids have always loved dinosaurs and was nice to see some felt ones. The girls always loved their to play with their dinosaurs both inside and outside in the sandbox. RA had a stuffed dinosaur, that a friends mother had made her, she slept and carried it with her all the time (like a good mom I have it put away for her so she can share with her kids).

I am off to d more laundry, bed making, and dirty dishes. Now doesn't that sound exciting.....


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oldround said...

Sounds like a peaceful day. I've spent too many appointments with my entourage and that frazzles me! One of the reasons they go to school now.

Biscuitbear said...

Nice book, the doll looks goofy but cute!