Monday, January 29, 2007

The Start of Another Week....

The weekend went by quickly again. Spent pretty much all of it with folks at places it seems like. Guess I will say everyone wanted some mom time and so that is what I did. The evenings were spent watching some DVD's with everyone.

Saturday started off with a trip to A-1 Comics for RA so she could chat with the comic book guys, who are called The Nice Guys. They were very nice and helpful (speaking of helpfu,l it was also a fund raiser for this). Gave her some good pointers on her work. But, I have been giving her a hard time now, because she finally took the one comic strip that I like. And what comic strip did they like the best but that one. HA, the Mom was right....We took the boy with us and he found some old comic books of Dr. Who and each of them got some more Manga books (it was a big sale day too).

Then during the afternoon I went to the Sears to pick up a new jig-saw with Mr. V. Which means we had to stop at Guitar Center to see what new guitars had come in.

We spent pretty much the hole time in the acoustic room. I am not a player, but, I do like looking at the guitars. Besides I have a nickel allergy and my fingers will blister and peel after awhile. Does make it interesting to do needle work.

Mr. V plays very nice and I always enjoy hearing him.

It is amazing how fast the weekend goes just going places with folks. It is also the downside of kids when they get older. You don't have as much control of their schedule. Their interest are more grown up and so you plan around that. Also, our kids are all about 4 years apart, so no one is ever in the same age group or type interest. Sure has made for an interesting time. It also means that I have 12 straight years of high school.

I did get a Valentine's Day scarf done.

I just thought the colors looked like Valentine's Day.

I did start another scarf out of a combo yarn. But, the second ball was not made right, so will have to return it and exchange it for another.

I will close for now with this picture below:

This is how you look when you are a almost 17 year old dog. You wake up with your tongue hanging out because almost all those tiny teeth are missing. Kandy has always been a good girl.

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East of Oregon said...

aww your dog is precious:)