Monday, January 08, 2007

Sunny Monday...

Hope all had a wonderful weekend. Our only big thing was went out and bought a treadmill. It will be delivered this Saturday. Were told this is the big time of year for sales on equipment, New Years you know......Mr. V has already cleared a spot for it in the garage for us.

Speaking of Mr. V, while he was cleaning he came across an old doll of mine (which I might add he put away in his stuff because it was something of my childhood and he wanted to keep it, what'a nice guy). She is a talking doll, you know pull the string kind. She is a Mattel Talk-A-Little from 1970. She is actually a little on the bratty side when she talks, which is funny. Says things like, "Your cute but I'm cuter," "I want a hamburger,""Maybe I'll let you play with me", and a few others.

Let's stick with the toy theme for this post. My boy got this from our crocheting neighbor for Christmas. I really like his eyes. There are some more of his kind living on our street all in different colors.

Looks as if this will be a short post again today. Had a weekend of having to sit still so not a lot got done or made (except for an all exciting dishcloth). Did start planning out things to make this year by going through old magazines to mark possible things to make. So, that was fun and always is.

Before I go I did find these finger puppets that I think are really cute. They are bright and look so well made. Give them a look.

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