Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Is Here...

Birthday Flowers from the kids.

Here it is Friday already. Had hoped that time would slow down this year, but, see that hasn't change any.

Paint is all dried now under the sink. One more connection to make sure it is tight enough before putting the stuff back under. Did get the new liner down today and was pretty happy about that. Decided that the paint is much more minty looking than what we wanted. So, will try another color in a different cupboard sometime. We are going to replace the cabinets at some point so figure it wouldn't hurt to try new kitchen colors out first inside the cupboards. We want a green kitchen, so it is a matter of finding what kind of green we like. It is a very small space so need to be really careful on that one. Want to stick with white cabinets otherwise it will look like a little dark cave.

Of course we could just go with the colors of Doraemon since he sits in my window above the kitchen sink. I should order the kids a DVD of him sometime now that RA got an all regions DVD player for Christmas. (Mr. V is a person that likes more calming colors so don't think the bright cat colors would work for him.)

Since most people like to do a work in progress (WIP) on Friday; I thought I would share what I started the other day. RL said she would like a scarf out this yarn and figured I could do that for her. The yarn is Homespun by Lion and the color is Windsor. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be to work with. The scarf is 25 stitches wide and is being knitted on size 10 bamboo needles. This yarn seems to work best with these needles. I still am working the boys scarf. I started this one because I can watch TV while doing it, no real counting or color change to do unlike his scarf.

Will close with one last picture of the flowers because the boy is very proud of them since he got to pick out some of them (his are the yellow ones). And yes, RA I like the yellow ribbon you put on the vase. Have a wonderful weekend.

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