Friday, March 16, 2007

A Look At Another Book...

Thought I would post another older craft book and some of the pictures.

The dolls in this book are all soft. Most of the dolls you make a cotton base that is stuff and then add features with batting. You then cover with a skin tone knit fabric. I did find some very nice doll making knit material at Magic Cabin.

One of the really nice things about this book is that there are both boys and girls. All clothing patterns are included.

There are all sizes of dolls. These little ones made of felt with just simple beads for eyes.

I just love how these dolls are made from socks.

All I can say about these three is that I just like them.

What is also nice about this book is that it even had a baby doll pattern.

With complete instructions for the different outfits including the crocheted set.

To find dolls that are similar to the ones above go to this doll making web-site.
To make a face almost like the ones above check out this lesson on to make a head.
On this same site you will find a really good how to on stuffing the bodies.

Ricky's friend Ryan has just gone home. I did not get to do the yard work I wanted to because of this fire yesterday evening. They had suggested that we all stay inside today if possible. It is fine over here now since the wind is blowing it all away from us. Should be nice tomorrow and we can be outside.

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