Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today Is the Warmest Day of Year So Far....

Very warm out today, but still pleasant. Ricky's friend is suppose to be coming over tomorrow, so I am hoping to do work outside while they play.

Once again I think if people just didn't need meals I would get more interesting things done. But, I know that is just the way life is right now. Since I didn't get to do anything much today, I thought I would post some pictures from one of my older Japanese pattern books. I enjoy this patchwork book because it seems like the items are not really all that dated.

In the books there are always patterns for little dolls.

And patterns for big dolls. I liked these two and thought the outfits so perfect for them.

There are also patterns for quilts for beds, baby, and this nice little table runner.

And what Japanese pattern book wouldn't be complete without a wall hanger of some kind.

To this day my favorite part of this book is the bags. I have always liked the little girl bag (no.12), the patchwork & shape of bag no. 15, and the little ribbon bag in the lower right corner (no.16).

So on days when I don't get to make the things I have planned I can at least show pictures of someday things.

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