Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dark Saturday....

Looks like it would like to rain today. The temp took a drop and I think we are back into a Spring mode. Ricky is off today to play Laser Tag with his friend Ryan for Ryan's birthday. I am sure all will have a great time.

Yesterday was much nicer out and we were able to do some outside work. I got the four pepper plants planted under the kitchen window. Had two there last year and they did really well. Hopefully these four will do as well.
Also put a Japanese eggplant in the same planter as last years one. It too seemed to like growing there in this pot, so will do it again this year.
I had wanted to start a square foot garden this year, but, the time got away from me. Too many other things going on. I will shot for starting one this Fall and then it will be ready for Spring. It is a pretty nice little system for growing vegetables. I have the original book, but, this year saw that he has redone the whole thing and it is even easier than before.
Ricky cut the grass for me yesterday and that is very helpful now that he can do that. While were doing outside stuff, Rebecca was baking some more items to be made into key chains.
I will close with yet another picture of the climbing rose, because I really really like it. I am now off to the hardware store with Mr. V. We are looking for fence fixing stuff, should exciting......

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