Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Clean-Up Tuesday...

The afternoon was spent trimming up plants in the front. Tomorrow is a county clean up day. Once a year they come around and pick up junk or yard waste that is large.
Ricky worked on cutting back to the big shrubs that need to come out. At one time they were pretty, but, now they are old and way to big. Having all the green leaves cut off will make it easier to cut down the rest of them.
Was nice practice for the boy. Did matter how well he cut off the branches. And he got to use loppers, clippers, and a saw. So he was very pleased with him self.
Speaking of pleased, I was very happy with myself on the trimming of lower branches on the tree. Did a lot of up and down on the ladder to get those branches off. Ricky and I made a nice big pile of branches to be picked up tomorrow.
Have no pictures of anything creative to show. Took Renee to the doctor because she is getting icky nose bleeds. They made her an appointment with an ENT doctor it a couple of weeks. Even though she is 20 years old, I went with her. She agreed that is nice to have someone to talk with while waiting.
Maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures to post of WIP's. I am trying to finish up those projects that I have started in the past and really should be finished. Usually these projects are big ones that I thought I could do so fast. Ha, I was wrong, they are still unfinished. Off no to get some dinner started and maybe I will get to work on Ricky's cushion tonight.

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