Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Post of WIP's...

I have been spending a lot of time on the phone with family things, so, the day just seems to go by way faster than I am ready for it to go by. So, today's post will be just a mixture of projects. There are many more, but, figure I would bore you with that many pictures.

The first is a new one from yesterday. With the help of Mr. V last night we got the shrubs (which could have been small trees if you ask me) cut back as far as we could. That means it is now time for Ricky and me to dig out these remains. OH, this is going to take a long time. The ground is clay and the roots are deep. Should be an interesting time digging these outs.
The second project I have been working on is a blanket for Mr. V. I started this late last year and it has been sitting for a few months. As you can see it is a manly blanket being crocheted in camo yarn. It still needs to be longer, so have many more rows to crochet. Now that is getting bigger it is looking more like a camo blanket than it did when I started.
Last for toady's pictures is the cushion cover for Ricky. The goose is all done and the sandpiper is almost done. I would really like to get this done by the weekend, Monday at the latest. But, so far my planning of time has not been working out. Seems like something happens everyday that needs to be taken care of. So I think I need to learn to plan a project with a lot more time to finish it than what I normally think is reasonable. But, on the upside I have been keeping my sewing table clean. I will admit I am very pleased with myself on that one.
Tomorrow I have to take Renee in for some lab work. But, I had told Ricky I would take him out for new shows on Monday. Thought maybe I would change the day, but, he looked so disappointed that I had better keep the date. Guess the boy really was looking forward to some alone time with his mom. Figure I had better enjoy these moments while I can since the time goes by so fast.
Today I did try and fix a few things on this blog. I still have no idea why on some search engines it looks one way and on another it looks different. Guess it will remain one of those mysteries in life.......Hopefully all the links now look right on whatever you are reading this....

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Biscuitbear said...

The cushion cover looks great, love the colors! And that would take me 10 years!