Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Perfect Sunny Day....

It is so nice out today. It is the kind of day you wish it was like almost everyday. I guess the only down side is that this lovely shrub on the side of the house is in full bloom. As pretty as it is and I really like it, sure does make for a sneezey time for me.

Under this pretty shrub are all the empty pots that are in need of something put in them.

I am just not sure what should go into these poor lonely pots since all they have right now are fallen leaves from the shrub.

I also need to go find something for this pot out front. It had a really pretty red hibiscus that bloomed all summer long. The freeze killed the poor thing. But, as you can see by the dirt on the ground, the squirrel is using it to look for peanuts he hide there. Maybe next week there will be time to go find some plants.

Of course all this outside work should be easier now that I have an assistant that is big enough to help me. Even though today he is spending his time reading, which makes his mom happy. He also isn't sure what to do with himself. His sisters are both gone for the day. Renee is off with her boyfriend. Rebecca is spending the day at church with the high school group. Oh, what they are doing for the day at church is watching all the Lord of Ring movies (extended versions) back to back. Was fun watching her pastor in the back of the room cooking away because he was going to feed them all day long while they watched all these movies. I think that I am way to old to sit through something like that. It is suppose to run from 9 in the morning until 9 at night.

I will close with what I am seeing outside my kitchen window today. Yep, a big blue ball sitting all alone in the grass waiting to be played with.

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