Monday, April 02, 2007

Start of Another Week....

Today was spent getting Ricky an ID card. It was so busy there. Think we there for a little over an hour. Now we just have to wait for it to show up. Can't take him on a plane or anything until I can prove who he is. The funny thing was we had to weigh and measure him because I had no idea of how big he is. See him everyday and just don't think too much about it. I did some knitting while waiting and chatted with a very nice lady originally from the Ukraine. Told her I have a bag with a really easy project in it so I don't have to keep track of much (very little counting and easy stitches). I will post a picture on Friday for WIP this time.

Had been a bit of a busy weekend so really didn't get to work on the items I had hoped to. But, I did find these old Barbie doll books that were my grandmothers.

Above is the front and back of this issue. There was no print date but I would say it was early 1960's.

There are some pictures in color.... I do like the knitted coats.

And others are in black and white.... What do you think of this all knitted suit for Ken? Yes, that is what Ken first looked like.

I also enjoyed the above crocheted outfit. It is called "Just the thing for Club Luncheon". Actually I think this suit could be crocheted in more current colors and still work.

Well, think I will just post this booklet today and will post the other one tomorrow; unless I get some interesting pictures of something. Still have one more run to do with the taxes tomorrow and then that will be done. And I might be back on schedule to do something more interesting. Also, think I might have figured out why my blog one way on some browsers and another way on others. It will stay that way for awhile, because it means I have a lot of typing to redo. One day I will get this all the way it is suppose to be......

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