Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Day...

There are times when it amazes me how much time kids can consume even when they are older. We did get Rebecca's x-rays all done and I will find out next week if she needs her wisdom teeth removed. It is a very nice place where we go to for these types of pictures. The business is owned by two sisters and they run everything there. Afterwards we went across the street to A-1 Comics because this is where Rebecca finds some of her import magazines. I will have to post some pictures from them tomorrow. She has one where there are some really cute kid pictures.

Anyway here are some pictures from a couple of magazines I got yesterday while. The above magazine actually has some pretty neat ideas of what to do with all kinds of old parts of things.

I liked how they used this old window and legs to make a pretty little table. Glass tables scare me with kids around (both old and young). But I still like how this one came out.

I realize this is the same as the cover but I think it shows the dining room better. Not to sure about the color of the walls for us. But I do like the mixture of chairs and the glass pitcher.

This just looked like a nice sitting area. A pretty little lamp for reading or needlework. And one day we could use a little table like the one with the chess set on it.

In this next magazine if you like pink and roses then this is the one for you.

The towels on the left are suppose to be kitchen towels. Not sure how useful they are with the beads, but, does make them look pretty. I really enjoyed the bag on the right. What it is, is a plastic garage bag. I'm thinking a little too pretty for the trash. Could think of other uses for it.

Here is a shot of a little kitchen. I use to know a lady that collected pink depression glass like on the shelf above the sink. She had what seem to be 100's of pieces. Some pieces where only for show while others where used as everyday dishes. This picture makes me wish our kitchen actually had a high ceiling. But, we live in a 70's track home so not all that interesting inside. We do need to do some really serious remodeling, but, just haven't figured out when to do it.

Looking at this porch reminds me that my plant in the pot out front is a goner. Seems that freeze we had this past winter was more than it could handle. I think I will have to replace it with something more like these. Besides my porch doesn't look as pretty as this one, so I think I have some work to do.

Here is one of the many white and pink living rooms that are in the magazine. I still don't think we could ever pull off an all white living room in this house. Think I would have to wash those slipcovers often.

And last here are few of the many things that are pink with roses on them.

Tomorrow is get the taxes done day and then pack up everything for Post Office on Friday. I think I will be caught up on running around stuff to do. Then maybe I can figure out what is going on still with my computer and browsers. Still having problems and now see that my blog shows up differently on different browsers. One day I will get it all the way it is suppose to be. But, I think it means I will have to spend more time at the computer than I have right now to get it all right. So until tomorrow, bye.....

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Biscuitbear said...

Thanks for the pretty pictures. Love that last photo. My house will never look like that!