Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Odds and Ends...

This week seems to be shaping up to be a week of getting things that have been put off done. Even the weather has decided that it turned too warm weather to soon. So, the rain (along with rainbows) and snow are back. We are having rain and the mountains are having snow.

The above picture has nothing to do with yesterday, but, just wanted to post it. Yesterday afternoon was spent at the garage with the van. Went in for an oil change and I had figured there was going to be more that needed to be done. My little van will be 11 years old in a couple of months. So, I guess it is only fitting that it should have things wear out. Ended up needing new belts (wasn't surprised by that, had already thought I had one going bad) and had a cracked boot. This meant that the short trip turned into a long long trip. They had the parts and said it would take about 2 hours to fix. Since it was raining decided to just wait and not walk anywhere. I did bring some knitting to do. I started a baby blanket out of the blue in this yarn and using their pattern. I am finding it fun seeing the different size stripes.

Today was spent doing the bills I have to pay in person. I really like paying the one because I can get caught with a friend. Actually I guess that isn't a bill it is a donation. Told Pastor Steve that yes I will watch his boys this summer while he is gone (maybe he will have pictures to post under on the web-site then of all the outdoor stuff he does). His boys are two cats. And Steve only lives around the block from us. He is having raccoons move into his yard and so far they haven't been a problem. Told him we haven't had any because I think the 10 pound dog scares them. I did get the Easter windsock up out front before I left. He is a happy looking bunny.

Tomorrow will be taking Rebecca to get some x-rays to see if she needs to have her wisdom teeth removed. Which will work out fine because across the street is a store she likes to go to. Then I will be able to pick up some boxes to mail off items that need to be sent. I think I might like to start pricing a better camera after looking at the photo above. I knew this one had so-so optics when I got, but, it was really easy to use.

I did pick up some nice magazines at the grocery store today and will have to post a few pictures from them tomorrow. I will also have to post a picture of the basket I have been crocheting. It is easy to do, just takes time. Until tomorrow have a lovely day.....

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