Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sun Is Gone and The Rain Is Back...

Has been a rainy day all day long today. My outside table has little yellow pollen puddles on it. Sure hope this washes away more of the pollen.
Didn't really do any school today. Ricky still has a cold. Tried letting him do some Monday and he did a lot of sitting looking at the books, no real work. So, I picked him up something to build yesterday when I was out with Renee getting items she needed for class today.
Working on the double ferries wheel took most of the day. The little motor worked just fine.

The one side has a little bit of a balance problem, but, I think he will have it all worked out later today. He sure was quiet all day while working on it.

So, while he was doing that and Rebecca was working on drawing stuff. I decided it was time to clean up my little sewing spot so I could actually do something there. It turns into a catch-all because I get busy and need somewhere to set. Then it just piles up and soon there is no place to work. It does amaze me how fast and how much stuff I can put there. I did give it a new table cloth so the spot doesn't look plain.

Since there was some table cloth left, decided to cut some for those little shelves in the kitchen. Hopefully they will hang better as time goes by. Oh, the little cats were a gift from Mr. V years ago while we were living in Japan. I think it was for my birthday, has been a very long time now since he bought those. Thought it was time they came out of the cupboard and saw the world again.
Well, maybe tomorrow I will actually sew something now that I can to the machine! I will try very very hard not set stuff there when I am in a hurry (wonder how long that will last).
I see all the birds our out back getting one last meal before bedtime. I suppose that means I should do the dishes and then watch American Idol with Rebecca. It is just one of those things we find fun to watch together. (Sorry about the spacing on this post. Blogger just doesn't want to do what I am telling it to today. Oh, the frustration......)

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