Monday, April 30, 2007

Warm Weather Monday...

These past few days have been way warmer than normal. Suppose to get back to normal tomorrow. And maybe rain again by this weekend.

Not much has been done around here today. Took Renee over to get some of her graduation stuff done. Found out it will be held at the Crest Theater downtown Sacramento. Being she has to be there at 5 PM I think we all will take the train down with her and just wait. Too many people trying to go home that time of day to drive there. She has about a month and half before the big event. Should be interesting....

We stopped and picked up chocolate milkshakes for her and the other two on the way home. Figure there was no reason to start anything since my neighbor was coming over to give the boy a much needed haircut. Was nice visiting with her and the boy looks a 100% better.

This weekend I went to work with Mr. V. I sat in the truck while he did some site inspections. I bring a couple of magazines, a book, and my sit & wait knitting project.

I did think this was a neat apartment behind where I was parked. Would be like living in a tree house. I think that would be fun.

The sit & wait knitting project is a baby blanket. It is a self striping yarn and knitting it on an angle I think will make for an interesting look.

I am now off to finish up laundry, make our bed with nice clean sheets now, and then I am sure it will be time to get dinner started again.

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