Friday, April 27, 2007

No Picture Friday Post...

I realized the other day that Mr. V and I had (for the first time) forgotten to relive one of the big events in our lives. So, I will share what today is that goes along with that event. First about today, it would be 28 years ago (yes, I am feeling mighty old) that Mr. V asked me to marry him (oh happy days). He had been trying to do it for sometime before April 11th, but, just never seemed right (I could tell each time he tried). Now for the reason for the next couple of weeks delay. We were living in Wichita, Texas, and the weather had been goofy all day long. While sitting together just inside the building we lived in, we noticed the sky had changed big time. I, being from Michigan, knew what was coming. He being from southern California wasn't sure what was coming. The hail started and we went inside to find everyone getting mattresses out into the hallways to sit under. Yes, folks a really really big tornado was on its way. If you would like to see some pictures from the event please follow this link to the National Weather Service. You will notice the date is April 10th, my understanding is because the weather front that caused this storm had started the day before so that is how the count it even though the tornado didn't hit until April 11th. There is even some interesting information on the storm at Wikipedia. The National Weather Service rated it has the 5th deadliest tornado in history. And last there is this photo and article at USA Today. Our area was fine, we were just far enough away for any major damage. Mr. V and I spent time cleaning up in a neighborhood. There was just one house left standing. There were 3 of us on that work detail and we were able to do a lot of clean up for them. Even removing the walls of the neighbors house off theirs. Went many days with no power and was thrilled when it came back. So, this was the first weekend we had off from classes and work details. Mr. V did ask me on Friday evening. And the rest is history as they say. I will tell you right now, best saying yes to any question I have ever done. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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