Friday, July 06, 2007

Fast Friday Post...

The weather is very warm still, was 108 degrees F yesterday, new record temp. for us here. Suppose to start going down today. There is a lot electrical usage today, figure I will make this short. Should turn off the computer after this to help out with power usage.

Tomorrow the girls are going to an amusement park all day. Will drop them off early in the morning and then pick them back up at night. I am sure they will have a good time. I plan on trying to work on a doll outfit or two while they are gone.

I am going to use this material.

I still am not sure what pattern I will do or what size/sizes.

I realized that there are no baby dolls floating around this house any more. I guess I need to have a couple so I can try things out to see how they fit. Will have to look around next time I am out to see what I can find.....
My new pool pump came yesterday and naturally I am missing a part for it (didn't know I needed it to make the pump work with my pool). So had to order that this morning. I do have a really small pump running now, so everyone can use it now. Just will be easier to keep clean once that new bigger pump is in.
I suppose it now my turn to do my part by conserving some power and will turn off the computer during this busy time. I am sure we will be getting a pretty darn big electric bill next month with having to run the A/C so much. Oh well, at least it is cool in the house.....Have a great weekend.......

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