Monday, July 09, 2007

Marigold Monday....

Happy Monday to all....Hope everyone's weekend was a fun one....We were able to visit with our friends from Oahu on Sunday which was fun.

My plans were interrupted this weekend, so did not get as far as I had hope on the sewing. I do have a doll top and pants cut out. I know you can't tell in this picture but the pants are actually red with white pin dots. I realized this morning that I might not have any elastic in the right size. I will have to look through my boxes and see. Otherwise tomorrow while I am out I will have to stop at the fabric store or Wal-Mart to pick some up.

I was able to get two more dishcloths completed for my Christmas gift giving.

I have been making sun-tea all summer. Since I am the only one that drinks it around this house I have switched to using a quart size canning jar and two tea bags. I don't know why I had not figured this out years ago. I use to use one of those large jars with the spout on the bottom, just for me....This works out so much better.

My Japanese Eggplant has some that are ready to be eaten now. I grew one of these last year for the first time in a pot. And it did really really well. This one seems to be doing just as well this year. I don't need more than just one plant because it produces so much.

Well, I am now off to get some cleaning done before Ricky is back with Ron and his son. They fly back to Oahu tomorrow morning and they had not gone to R/C Country. Which my boy was thrilled to go to with them (and his money in hand with him). Pamoi will stay here after their man shopping so he and Ricky can goof around for awhile. At some point I need to get Mr. V from work since he wasn't able to drive himself this morning. Then maybe this evening I will get to doing something fun.....

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