Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Running Around Tuesday...

I guess this must be the time of year to drive. Mr. V had to take his work truck in for service, Renee wanted to apply for a job while I picked up cleaning stuff, and a friend of the girls needed to be picked up at the train station. Also stopped by the sister of a friend house this afternoon. I am looking into going back to work part time and needed some pointers for getting a job at where she works. Just planning ahead because they do seasonal hiring and I wasn't sure when. I did sew a little this afternoon. I will post pictures tomorrow because I haven't down loaded them yet.

But, I do have something that I thought turned out way better than I thought it would to post about (down loaded the pictures yesterday, thinking ahead on the blog for a change).

Ricky had been wanting one of those tiki lamps you use outside (an oil burning lamp). Had these old 5 gallon buckets we use for yardwork. Mr. V had drilled some holes in a couple for me if I had ever wanted to use it as a planter. As always, had put off doing that for a very long time. So, the bucket was now going to become a lamp holder.

They have been making spray paint to use on plastic for the last few years and had wanted to try it out on something small first. This was going to be the time to do it. The paint covers really well and dries very fast (always a plus). After a few light coats you could no longer see the print.

I then filled the bucket with sand (one 60 pound bag will do). Stuck in the the lamp and we are now all set to go. I took this picture before cutting off the dead geranium flowers, so pay no attention to the brown instead of pink flowers behind it. I did realize the other day that I need to keep the sand wet (have drainage holes so won't get yucky on the bottom). The reason for keeping the sand wet is that I have squirrels that like to dig holes to hide their peanuts in. The wet sand will make it less likely they will dig in there.

The next day will be another orthodontist day for the boy. That always seems to take up the morning. Mr. V is suppose to have the day off, so will see if we do anything or not tomorrow....Until next time, good-bye....

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