Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot Weather Is Here Wednesday....

Our days of being below normal have come to an end. It is right now 100 degrees F. We are for sure back to normal August temps here in the Sacramento valley area.

Once again I guess one could say life has gotten in the way of posting. Last night was a flat tire on the good old van. Mr. V did show the boy how to change a flat in heat of the evening. We were talking about the movie A Christmas Story and the changing of the tire between Ralphie and his dad. Had a good laugh at that one.

I drove over to the closest tire place this morning. Found out my tire was unfixable and needed to be replaced. Decided their new tires were a little pricey and ask if they had a used one I could drive on for now. As luck would have it they did. Will go and price tires this weekend. Just don't want to spend a lot of money on the van right because we are thinking of replacing it with something smaller since we don't need all the extra seating like we use to. We are thinking of replacing it at some point with maybe this.

Naturally while I spent my hour sitting at the tire place I started another dishcloth. I am down to just filling in one or two with each set. Then I will be done with my sets of 5 dishcloths. I think I will end up with about 8 or 9 sets to use at Christmas.

Tomorrow is Rebecca's big day to have her 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled. This is all the stuff for afterwards for her to take. Such a lucky kid.....I will bring some crocheting and something to read tomorrow while I wait for her. She came with me shopping today to pick out the pudding she wants and jello. Bought plenty of eggs for the next day and have broth all set to go. In a couple of days she should be able to eat regular food.

As I said at the beginning it has become very warm here again. On the upside this is making the peppers grow.

We now have plenty of nice large chilies getting ready.

On the downside of being very warm, it is too warm for a dog to sleep in her bed.
I am hoping to have some bibs finished this weekend so I will have an item to post other than dishcloths.....Time to go make food for everyone....Seems like people always want to eat....Oh, we will have one less tonight. Renee is off to the fair to see Daughtry. Am sure she will have a great time.....

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