Monday, August 27, 2007

Fast Post Monday....

Rebecca is doing well after having her impacted wisdom teeth remove. She has very large cheeks now and she is starting to turn green on face. Will be interesting to see how bruised she will get.

I thought I would share one of the good reasons to have a little dog.

You forget how devoted they are when someone is not feeling well.

Kandy stayed with her all day and still sits with during the day.

Also one is never too old to get a new little animal toy.

The dog is oh so very soft and the hamster is to hang on a backpack.

And being Rebecca, I could not pass up this unicorn that has a purple mane and tail.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Told Renee I would drop her off at a job interview that is at 7 AM (why???)...Then it is off to the orthodontist with the boy to get his bands off. Then run down the street to the dentist so he can get his teeth cleaned. Then back to the orthodontist to get the bands all put back on. Of course I just got a message for me to call a gal about a job interview tomorrow. I will take some cloths with me if she would like me to come in that day. Can drop the boy off at dad's work while I run over to the place. If not will see about going the next day after I take Rebecca back to the surgeon to see how she is healing up. Will be interesting to see how all this works out......

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