Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mild Summer Wednesday....

We have been blessed with a very mild summer so far. Has been nice for a change. Just can't open up the house much during the day because of all the road work trucks that keep driving by and making lots of dust.

Today was pretty much a driving around day. Which means I didn't get to do much of anything. That is why I thought I would post a couple of new magazines. I also realized that I am way behind in doing that looking at the stack I have made of them. Yes, magazines are my weakness.

This first one is a new one for me. And I think I would buy it again. It is called Do It Yourself by Better Homes and Garden. The nice thing is that many of the projects shown in the homes have the how to listed with them. The bench at the end of the bed in this picture is made from two old end tables.

I liked the walls in this breakfast area.

The next page shows you how to they did the stenciling. I just might have to give this a try some where in the house, someday....

Having a small house I always like to see small spaces that are used like this little desk area.

I thought this little laundry station was a great use of an old cabinet.

Like the before picture and close up shots of the little areas. This would not work for us, too many of us. But sure would work for one or two people.

The next magazine is another Better Homes and Garden one. It is called American Patchwork & Quilting. Lots of great pictures.

This quilt is a nine patch and this picture doesn't do it justice. Should of scanned the close up, but, then you don't get to see the whole thing. Any way it is a quilt by Kelly Alford.

They have an article all about her that I am looking forward to reading. I liked too that there was this picture of her 8x8 foot studio. Would love a little space like that.

Think my Rebecca would like this quilt. Why, because it is shades of purple. Yep, she is a purple person. Even bought herself two purple or lavender colored shirts today. (You see my two gals spent part of the day at the mall. Renee is getting depressed because no tech folks are calling her to offer her a job. Told her to hit the mall and see if there is some kind of job there. She took Rebecca with her and they did some shopping while there. Down side she didn't find any work. Up side she has an interview with Macy's next week from an application she filled out on-line. Let's keep our fingers crossed for her. I think she is looking into going into business for herself at some point. But, for now just needs some money. She is also taking a Japanese language course that starts in a couple of weeks. Should be fun.)

And last, there was this Fall banner that I liked. It seems to made pretty much with glue and fusible webbing.
Tomorrow is a day in which I will be driving most of the day. So I am sure I will not have much to post. But, I might do some more magazine posting. See if I can't make the stuff, I still can enjoy looking at it. Tonight will be spent crocheting and watching So You Think You Can Dance. Last two shows this week. Three of the dancers I really really like are in the final four. Will be fun to see who wins tomorrow.

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