Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Road Work Tuseday....

They are redoing all the roads in my neighborhood. Poor little house has been shaking all morning with them ripping out bad parts of road and then replacing those parts. Looks like this will be going on for the rest of the month.

Missed my posting yesterday. My yard working child has not been able to do the yard work for me for the past two weeks. He caught the flu bug his sister brought home. He is at the point now where you get hives on hands, elbows, knees, and feet. I know this in not an allergy because his other sister had the same effect after the fever and coughing thing. I have been washing everything to make sure I have gotten rid of any icky stuff that might be floating around this house.

Since most of my days are washing stuff right now I will post some kind of dark pictures of Rebecca's button bracelet's she has made.

I do enjoy the fact that she makes jewelry to match all her tops she wears during the week.

These look simple, but, I know they are time consuming because of having to wire each button to the chain.

Back to washing rugs I go. Miss not being able to use the clothesline because of all the dust the road equipment makes. Oh, one down side of having a house on a corner is, they park all the road equipment in the evening next to the house. Is interesting to see all the different kinds of road things they use.


lindsey said...

lovely bracelets!! it's always fun to make jewelry to match your clothes.
i sympathize with the road work. they are doing the same thing at my mom's house, and it's loud, dusty, and drawn out!

Biscuitbear said...

These bracelets are so pretty! I always loved pretty buttons (shades of mother's button box)and ths is a great way to use them.