Thursday, September 06, 2007

Adjusting Well....

So far so go with the working. Have a lot to learn and am hoping that some of it will start sticking. But, I have only had two days on the sales floor. My next day of work is Friday evening.

Rebecca cooked her first dinner for everyone on Tuesday. It was a chicken stew. Was a quick stew and she did a really nice job.

The winds have shifted around here and a forest fire has decided to share its smoke with us. That means you get a nice red sun in the morning (much darker red in real life). Guess we will have smoke all day and then tonight the wind should start up and blow it out of here.

I was going to take Ricky and Rebecca to the Crocker Art Museum today, but, she is feeling a little under the weather. Will have to try for next week with them. Have some books to post in my next posting of ideas for small projects.

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